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Vintage Foosball

Like fine French wine, French-Style foosball gets better with age. This page contains information and pictures on French-Style foosball in the USA before Bonzini USA was formed in 1999. If you have something of historical significance you think would be appropriate for this page, please send it to Bonzini USA via the general contact info on the "Contacts/Order" page on this Site. Click on pictures for larger images.

Poster20thAniv.jpg (397534 bytes)
Champions Records                                                  History                  
^ This special "commemorative" poster was created for the 1995 20th Anniversary North Carolina State Footsball Championship, incorporating historical state championship tournament information such as a listing of all previous tournament events champions, tournament records (mosts, etc.), a history of the state championship, etc. (Note: the articles obviously do not reflect the state championships held from 1995 on). If you can't read the articles directly from the poster (click to enlarge), click on the article links above. To see the earliest known surviving poster from the North Carolina State Championships, click here: 1978 NC State Poster.


newspaper12-11-71.jpg (206302 bytes) < The first major French-Style tournament in the USA, the "Tidewater Footsball Championships", was held in December of 1971 at the Virginia Beach Civic Center (AKA Virginia Beach "dome"). 800 to 1000 players attended the 3 day event, and first place in men's singles was a motorcycle. Other events included men's doubles, junior men's and women's singles.
The second major French-Style tournament in the USA, the 3 day "Greater Tidewater Footsball Championships" (also at the "dome" in Virginia Beach, VA) held in May 1972, featured 850 entrants and more than 3000 spectators. First place for men's singles this time was a new car (Dodge Dart Demon). Click here to see the Official Rules and Entry Form from this 1972 tournament. > newspaper5-27-72.jpg (249304 bytes)


TIKIFirstLocationTable.jpg (96163 bytes)
^ What is believed to be the first French-Style table placed in a
commercial establishment in the USA, the "TIKI" bar in Virginia Beach,
VA circa 1970.
RP Photo 1.jpg (96163 bytes)
RP Photo 2.jpg (96163 bytes)
RP Photo 3.jpg (96163 bytes)


newspaper7-12thru18-72.jpg (2928 bytes)

newspaper5-29-71.jpg (5539 bytes)

Newspaper10-12-72.jpg (222280 bytes)

^ Three newspaper clippings from the early days of French-Style foos in the USA (all from the Virginia Beach area), from left to right: July 12-18, 1972, May 29, 1971, and October 12, 1972. Note the October 12th article discusses that city permits for 3 footsball parlors were turned down, while the permits for 3 topless clubs were approved :-). (Click to read)


The cover of the first issue of the Maryland based RPFA (French-Style foosball organization), dated September 1976. > RPFAnlNo1.jpg (172833 bytes)

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