5 Bar Passing & Defense

18.12.20 04:01 PM By bill

What is the best defensive plan against a well hidden brush with a long hover. The hover is not as long as say Tony Bacon nor is it struck as hard. mIt is quite firm though and VERY steep. But he never seems to hit my second man when I take it to the wall even if I crush the buper and back tilt. The worst part is when I try to race it he throws a baby hitch that has me go the wrong way most of the time. I manage to get a piece of it quite often but I can rarely change the balls path so that it is not catchable. I am referring to Worly, Bruce feel free to jump in here(even though Allen H said you hardly ever got the ball WED night against him). Man tilts, plans, or advice needed because his shot is to good to let him keep passing 90%.

Richard passes the way players ideally should pass. He doesn’t do preplanned passes/fakes, he watches your defense as he’s hovering over the ball to read/anticipate where the hole is or will be, and then passes there. That’s why he hovers over the ball as long as he does. You’ll also notice that sometimes he’ll just let the ball bounce off the
wall rather than pass it – that’s because he’s watching how your defense is reacting so he’ll know where the hole will probably appear the next time he hovers.

That is why he (and other great passers like Mike Cody) have such a high passing percentage, as opposed to someone who just decides what pass they feel like doing or think will work and then does it. Therefore, rather than getting blocked a certain percentage by both him and his opponent happening to be passing/defending the same preplanned hole, he should be able to pass nearly 100% if he does his passing correctly.

The way to defend it is to understand that this is what he’s doing, and alter your defense so that its hard for him to read/anticipate where the hole will be. Besides obviously not using a pattern defense, you don’t want to react the same way to the same motion he does every time, and you need to vary how long you stay/move your defense – anything to keep him from being able to read your defense. Then, knowing he’s trying to read your defense, try to bait him into thinking a certain hole will be there, and jump to it just as you think he’s doing his pass. Hard to
explain this in words, but I hope its somewhat understandable.

Think about passing on the 5 bar as being similar to shooting on the 3 bar – the best shooters/passers study the defense to see where the hole will be, not just pass/shoot at random. Therefore, he is waiting for you to commit one way or the other and then passing the opposite way, or he’s watching and waiting for a specific hole to open and as soon as it does he’s ready to pass there. Therefore, try not to commit to any particular hole long enough for him to react to it.

Of course this doesn’t explain why someone like Tommy Adkisson can pass so well (since he usually just throws the ball in and does a quick pre-planned pass). He’s just really good at anticipating/knowing how peoples defense will react to a certain pass motion and then doing a different pass hole from it (i.e., the pass fakes he uses open the hole he wants).

– Bruce Nardoci


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