Cut Shots

10.07.20 01:49 PM By bill

When I said go all the way across the goal, I meant if you were set up on the push (far) side of the goal you wouldn’t be able to use a rollover motion to shoot the ball all the way across the goal to the near (pull) side, and a good goalie would recognize that and know he only had to defend 2/3rds of the goal, making it easy to defend the shot.

You are right about the significant advantages being able to cut a ball brings though. But they’re mainly effective cutting BETWEEN the men, not around them as your shot does. Being able to cut between the men just opens up another hole to shoot at that most Tornado goalies don’t even realize they’re leaving, since practically no one shoots cuts on Tornado (not counting spray dinks and the link). Having a good cut shot means that the defense cant stay in a single pattern (e.g., a standard defense) to defend, since the cut hole is always there to shoot at even if the move that defense around to cover the corners and middle. You have to cross your defense over periodically to cover the cuts. The cut shot is a major option with european style front pin shooters (watch Frederico Collignon shoot sometime). I’ve only seen one Tornado player who would deliberately shoot cut shots off the rollover (its really not very hard to do). A few years ago I thought that by now that the evolution of the rollover would have people shooting cuts a lot (the same way european style front pin shots eventually developed the cut shots, when at the beginning they were all straight shots, at least in the USA), but it hasn’t happened. I guess the rollover is just such a powerful shot series that 3 holes is plenty enough. However, it sure would make it easier to have that extra hole to aim at…

BA wrote:

Perhaps, I am confusing what you mean by going all the way accross the goal, and perhaps my description of the shot in words was inadiquate, either way, here is what I mean…..



/ ||


/ O

(def. the “0” is the ball front pinned in front of and to the side of the 2bar defender. It is pushed and hit at an angle to go behind the 2bar defender and into the goal. The angle can be taken even further if the far men on the 3 bar are used.)

Anyway, you are right Bruce that it is only good for a couple, however there seems to be limitless possibilities when you combine angles with the rollover, or any shot for that matter.

Brance :)_S

Bruce Nardoci wrote:

Unfortunately for this shot, good goalies would understand that with the ball that far to one side of the goal there’s not much chance that you’d be able to hit the far side of the goal using the rollover, since typically a rollover shot only has a range of about 1/2 the goal. Therefore they would know not to cover that part of the goal, causing them to be able to block it easily.

BA Wrote:

I have stumbled upon a new shot (for me that is) it seems to be rather effective at least until the defender sees it a couple of times. It is a Roll over that starts just inside the goal box line either side, if the long side and the defenders 2 man is gaurding the ball with the goalie in the middle of the goal, or to the side it doesn’t matter. Just a smallpush, (you can’t go much further before your bumper hits) and then rollovger on the edge of the ball making it spray in behind the 2 man and goalie. If short it is the same principle but pulled a little. This shot can be taken depending on how far inside, or on top of the goal box line you are with either the outside 3-bar men or the middle 3 bar man.

I am sure this isn’t a new shot to most of you, but to those it is try it, you may just like it.
— Brance

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