Foosball Tables

Not much beats the fun of a competitive game of foosball with friends and family. It's a classic game that people have enjoyed for decades, and its popularity continues to grow as people discover the excitement and thrill of playing on a professional foosball table.

At Bonzini USA, we offer a wide selection of high-quality foosball tables to elevate your game experience. We're committed to providing the best foosball tables built to last and enhance your game skills. Our collection includes numerous table designs. Options such as the B90 Classic, B60 Coin Op, and B90 ITSF Tournament are just a few examples of our foosball tables. Select the options that interest you to learn more about specific features, dimensions, and what's included with each table. If you have questions about a table in our collection, the Bonzini USA customer service team will happily assist you. You can reach our team by calling (919) 283-4155 or emailing


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3-Rod table
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3-Rod table
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Certified Bonzini Quality

All Bonzini foosball tables are constructed of the best quality materials available during the assembly process. Each handcrafted table reflects the company's commitment to providing the best foosball table in the industry. All Bonzini tables are 100% French made and constructed, so be ware of imitation copies.


Certified Bonzini Parts

High-quality foosball parts keep your table working like new. You can also buy parts to customize foosball table handles and replace foosball players. NOTE: Bonzini parts were made to fit Bonzini tables ONLY. We do not recommend re-purposing Bonzini parts for any other brand of foosball table.


Certified Bonzini Accessories

High-quality Bonzini foosball table accessories improve your game. Choose from foosballs, custom-fitted table covers, Bonzini t-shirts, and other branded Bonzini merchandise. All our foosballs are Bonzini-branded and come from the manufacturer in France. Choose from raw and yellow cork, white lacquered, and ITSF yellow composite foosballs.