Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Bonzini: We put more FUN in Foosball!

How do Bonzini tables offer superior, more enjoyable play over other foosball tables?

Bonzini babyfoot foosball tables have a gerflex table surface, weighted figurines and grippy ball to offer a player a multitude of variations in style of play. Traditionally, the “pin shot” method of play is promoted by Bonzini products and most European style players. Pin shots allow a player to shoot off of a motion offense using ball control methods created to confuse the defender. You have 11 players versus 11 players with humanistic features, like in real soccer, competing against each other.  Read more playing tips and techniques on our blog.

Is foosball a good game for kids? Our neighborhood is full of kids playing with smart phones and iPads and I want them to be more active.

Foosball is a excellent game for kids!  It's a great equalizer among kids with varying degrees of muscle reflex and coordination ability, plus it's gender-blind. With minimal guidance from an experienced player, kids will discover their own strengths and areas of weakness and develop their own game style. Foosball can be a great reward system and social indoor activity with youth groups. More and more experienced players are involving themselves in assisting to promote the game with our youth and teach them the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and friendship.

How well does the Bonzini foosball table retain its value in comparison to other foosball table brands?

You very rarely find a used Bonzini table available. Individuals seeking a Bonzini foosball table after doing their research know that the basic design has not changed in the last 60 years. We have the parts and resources to support Bonzini tables that were built in the 1960’s. In fact, tables that were purchased from Bonzini U.S.A. in 1998 have actually appreciated in value when resold. When you buy a Bonzini foosball  table, you are investing in a premier game table to past down from generation to generation.

I see other foosball table brands that look similar to Bonzini at different price levels. Why are there so many tables that look like a Bonzini?
Unfortunately, the popularity of Bonzini foosball tables has motivated some companies to copy certain design aspects and looks of Bonzini products. What other brands of table cannot do is replicate the craftsmanship, quality and playability. Bonzini foosball tables are approved by the International Table-Soccer Federation for tournament play. We always want the customer purchasing a Bonzini foosball table to do thorough research beforehand. If you have any questions about Bonzini foosball tables, please contact our office via email at or call 919-283-4155.

Purchasing a Bonzini Foosball Table

How do I order a table from your website?

To order from our website, click on the Bonzini fooball table you would like to purchase, choose from any available finish  options and click the button to add it to the cart.  You may also place any desired accessories into your cart.  Click the cart icon to check out.  We accept PayPal, ....  If you have questions about our checkout process or would like to order over the phone, please call office at 919-283-4155.

I want to get a foosball table with my favorite team’s colors and uniforms. Can Bonzini USA help me with getting a custom table made?

Every year we work with businesses, schools, families and many other social clubs wanting to put a personal touch to their table. Table colors, team uniforms, ethnic skin tones and screen-printed designs are just a few options in customizing your table to deliver your message.  Please contact our office via email at or call 919-283-4155.

How will my table be shipped and delivered?

We ship our Bonzini foosball tables by standard motor freight carrier.  The freight carrier will contact the customer to set up a delivery time and day.   The  delivery area, residential or commercial,  must be accessible by standard freight carrier, which is tractor trailer service.  

All shipments are curbside delivery.  You, the customer, are responsible for moving the product from curbside to inside your home, office or garage.  We recommend having two people available to move the table inside.  Each table is secured to a wooden pallet for easy transfer during transit.  The total weight is 195 lbs without the pallet.  The carton size is 62 inches long by 44 inches wide and 18 inches deep.  

For additional questions regarding your delivery, please contact our office via email at or call 919-283-4155.    

How long will it take to receive my table once I've placed my order?

All shipments originate from North Carolina. For shipments delivered to the East Coast, estimated transit time is 3 to 5 business days.  For shipments delivered to the Central Region, estimated transit time is 4 to 6 business days.   For shipments delivered to the West Coast, estimated transit time is 5 to 7 business days.  

 If you have any additional questions regarding shipping and estimated delivery times, please contact our office via email at or call 919-283-4155

What is your return policy?

We will accept returns within 30 days of the day when the product was received and signed for in good condition.  Before returning your product, call our office to speak with a representative.   Product is to be in original packaging and all parts should be included with the return. Customer should arrange and pay for return freight shipping back to our warehouse. There will be a $100.00 restocking fee. Once product is received and inspected, a refund of the cost of the table, excluding the shipping cost and excluding the $100.00 restocking fee, will be refunded to the customer.

What does the Bonzini Warranty cover?

Customers receive 1-year warranty coverage on the entire table with exception to the internal and external rods. Beware that the internal and external rods can be damaged by overly aggressive play. Coverage is for manufacturing defects only and not abuse. Inclusive with this warranty is “Figurine Breakage” for 1 year. Normal paint wear on the figurines is not covered. “Warranty Coverage” pertains to the original table purchaser only.

What if the table I want is Out Of Stock? Do you accept back orders?

Yes, we do accept back orders.  From time to time we do run out of stock of a particular item.   To place a back order, please contact our office via email at or call 919-283-4155.  Our representative will inform you as to when the product will be back in stock and available to ship.

Do you offer promotional discounts?
Yes, from time to time we offer promotional discounts on products and accessories.  To receive information about promotions, please complete our contact form.  You can also contact our office via email at or call 919-283-4155.

Assembly, Parts and Maintenance for your Bonzini Foosball Table

My last foosball table came in a million pieces and took forever to assemble. How difficult is it to put together a classic B90?

Our assembly instructions are only one page.  The Bonzini B90 foosball table is by far the easiest table to assemble on the market today. When you receive your table, only the legs need to be assembled and attached to the cabinet. It’s just that simple. With a premium grade foosball table, that’s the way it should be!

I’ve had foosball tables in the past and it was difficult getting replacement parts. Does Bonzini USA also support their product with parts and service?

We have a fully stocked inventory of all the parts you may need to keep your Bonzini foosball table up and running.  If you’re unsure about what parts you need, download a table parts diagram.  We are happy to help you identify part your need and ship it to you.  We also provide assistance over the phone with getting a part installed.  If you need help, please contact our office via email at or call 919-283-4155.

I have young children at home and I like the way the rods stay inside the table. How does the Bonzini “telescopic rod” system work?

The telescopic rod system is a must if you have small kids around. The rod assembly comes in 2 major pieces, an inner and outer rod combination. The figurine is mounted on the outer rod with a “compression” screw. The inner rod is attached to the cabinet wall and the outer rod simply sleeves over it. The outer rod has an internal spring pinned inside close to the handle that restricts the man from making contact to the wall. It is a great example of Bonzini foosball table engineering, forethought, and care for their customers. With the Bonzini telescoping rod design you do not need the external rod guards you find on other brands. Safety features are built into the table, not attached to it.

How can I best maintain my Bonzini foosball table so it will last for decades?

Protect your investment for years of enjoyment and service.  For the best playing experience, lubricate your rods with Super Lube on a weekly basis and buy high-quality foosball balls .  Download our foosball table maintenance guide for more information.

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