Cut Shots

When I said go all the way across the goal, I meant if you were set up on the push (far) side of the goal you wouldn’t be able to use a rollover motion to shoot the ball all the way across the goal to the near (pull) side, and a good goalie would recognize that and know he only had to defend 2/3rds ...

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Fun Rollover Type Shots

I have stumbled upon a new shot (for me that is) it seems to be rather effective at least until the defender sees it a couple of times. It is a Roll over that starts just inside the goal box line either side, if the long side and the defenders 2 man is gaurding the ball with the goalie in the middle...

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What Shots To Use II

I guess this depends on what you deem “the top”. If you are talking about excelling at rookie events, sure a good unusual shot may help you win a little more at this level, but in a way you are mortgaging your future for immediate results. This is certainly a theory i don’t agree with. What really m...

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What Shots To Use

In article <7kt9gg$11i$>,

Richard A Chapman wrote:

Free advice for rookies:

Snakes and pulls shots compromise 90% of all the shots done. Good goalies see alot of these and therefore develop at least a couple of different defenses for each shot.

While developing your snake or p...

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Airball Shots

Bruce Nardoci wrote:

We also had some other games like “aerial assault” (nothing but air-ball shots allowed, from any bar), and “meatball” (which later came to be known as “oneball” on Tornado tables).

Thor Hoberg-Petersen wrote:

when you were playing aerial assault, which shot did you make? In p...
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